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#adayaweek2019 | 23rd March 2019

Babies. Let's talk babies. Our baby - 'baba' as she's called by most of the family now - is no longer, it seems, a baby. She is now sleeping in a bed.* A BED! And not mine, either, which was admittedly the case on and off for the last year and a half.

*I obviously use the term 'sleeping' loosely. Can also mean screaming and waking...

It's just that I have 0 tolerance for drama with baby number 2. Our baba does all the typical toddler trickery and I don't so much fall for it as just, kind of, allow it knowingly because she's SO bloody CUTE.

Ah, parenthood.

Anyway, here's a list of what our 'baba' can do this week all of a sudden:

- Speak in full sentences (current ones include 'Come on mummy, let's go!', 'Mummy where are you?' and 'Mummy, you alright?' after smacking me in the face).

- Count backwards from 5 which I discovered that time when she carried on with yet another of my classic parent countdowns (you know the one: Eden Rose you've got 5 seconds to get here, 5, 4... ).

- Count forwards to 11 (occasionally missing out 9).

- Eat more food than Eden at every meal.

- Nap for longer than 45 minutes (hurray!) but only at grandparents' houses (boooo!).

Onto our day this week - a quiet day, by our standards.

I'm thinking of doing a series about trying to get out the damn door with 2 children...

Perhaps *not* picking up the camera might be a start...?!

She's just started taking an interest in building this week and I'm loving it!

Now you see it... you don't!

She found Mummy in the window very funny, clearly.

Dinner scenes.

Spotting doggies.

Full and happy.

Children's play is The. Best. Cards as cages, obviously.

She's just dipping her toe into this formal learning thing. I'm a trained teacher and I've got to say I do very little with her partly because she resists it so hard! (Not sure where she gets her stubbornness from...) But she's starting to take an interest, bringing writing into her natural play and enjoying time just me and her where we do more formal learning.

Daddy's home = pure joy.

Two girls reading together on a bed is pretty much the stuff of dreams for me.

Lots of uses for beds.

So much love for this last picture. This is how I found her originally. Just sat on her bed, reading her favourite book. I remember putting that cloud mobile above the bed on my wish list when I was pregnant with Eden, receiving it as a gift, then my husband putting it up above the cot as we waited for Eden to arrive. I sat and watched the clouds dancing in the morning sun on so many early morning feeds, then again watched the shadows it cast on the wall in the dim light of the night feeds, nursing a tiny Eden and then Thea. Seeing it now above a tiny bed with a little fully formed human is still a sucker punch to the gut.

Anyway, there we have it. A post full of emotion - probably most fitting seeing as it's Mother's Day this weekend! Whatever you're doing, enjoy it!

Rachel xx


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