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#adayaweek2019 | 29th March

It was my Grandad's birthday on our day this week. We offered to take him anywhere he wanted for slap-up, birthday special breakfast. Where did he choose? Morrisons cafe, of course. It's a bit of a family tradition, you see, that we go there every Thursday morning. He has the same thing: bacon sandwich, well done, on brown, with brown sauce, and he stashes a few sachets away too to take him with him (shhhh, don't tell Morrisons).

It got me to thinking about how important traditions are to us. They are old slippers that we put our weary, aching feet into. They get worn and tired, but still we love them because, in a way, they keep reminding us who we are. My girls are there every Thursday morning and I love that this tradition is now their tradition, if only for a short time of their lives. Both of them now know what we mean when say we're going to see 'Old Grandad', as they call him, and we pop in for a coffee. Eden gets her magazine, sometimes a Kinder egg, and all the time they both get to see their family - sometimes their great uncles and aunties, sometimes cousins, but always Old Grandad.

Traditions morph over time - years ago it was my Grandma we all met for, in town on a Saturday morning, or otherwise at her house, where we'd be fed various carbohydrate-heavy foods and buckets of tea. Sometimes if I'd been to town and bought some clothes from Tammy Girl I'd do her a fashion show and, according to her, I looked amazing in every single one (for the record, I have photographic evidence to suggest otherwise).

Now Eden loves it when we get her to try on the clothes we've bought and actually asks mummy and daddy to do 'fashion shows' when she sees we've bought something new - cue encouraging comments such as, 'No, I don't like that dress mummy, it doesn't twirl' and 'Ask me if you look beautiful daddy.' [Daddy: 'Do I look beautiful?'] 'No.'

All this rambling nostalgia to say - aren't traditions great! And I don't think life would be the same without them! And, even better, they don't have to be grandiose or extravagant, they don't have to have bells and whistles, in fact, the best ones don't - they just have to mean something to us. Sometimes it's baking on a Sunday, sometimes it's a visit to a special place - like Curbar Edge for us, which we also did this Friday, sometimes it's Morrisons cafe.

There was a collective eye roll from the family when Grandad said he didn't want to go anywhere else on his 89th birthday but Morrisons cafe. Well, you know what, my grandad is 89 years old. And if he wants to spend it in Morrisons cafe, I guess he bloody well will.

Without further a reminisce, our day this week.

The day started off without her big sis because she was having a sleepover at Grandma's.

The whole crew turned up for breakfast though.

Upsy Daisy tried to steal some toast and she was FUMING.

Important business.

She's a thumbsucker and I cannot deal with how cute she is with it.

Morrisons has never seen so much sass.

All the love from all the uncles.

And special birthday kisses from Old Grandad.

Painting rainbows.

And outdoor naps for the win.

Followed by apples in the sunshine.

Spring sprang last week and the garden came to life. We will ignore the fact that snow is forecast in the next few days.

I don't have favourites but children who choose to a. read and b. do it in the light almost make me....(almost...)

We love a late afternoon blast at the park.

Swings = Life.

See also slides.

See also ice cream.

But, me, I'd trade all the swings and slides and ice creams for magnolia all summer long.

Sunshine means trips to our favourite place. Trips up here will be our summer tradition now the girls are getting a little older.

Wilson, just colour matching his environment.

I think I need to work on my self-timer skills (or lack of), but I just love Eden's face peeping through.

Luckily a kind man offered to take our pic (bonus was he knew his way around a camera). Also that's his lovely dog photobombing.

Volcano jumping.

If this photo isn't 'her', I don't know what is.

Yeah we're pretty lucky to live here.

Bit of a bumper photo session here. Because, well, sunshine! And blue skies! And flowers!

Don't worry, normal overcast freezing weather set to resume next week.

Until then!

Rachel x


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