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#adayaweek2019 | 8th March 2019

It was International Women's Day on our designated #adayaweek2019 day. How fitting ...

I was raised in a family of strong women (to put it mildly...) and now here they are, my two strong women added to that lineage. As you can see from this week's set of images, they're pretty inseparable at times. In fact, they oscillate, reaching for each other and away from each other in regular rhythms, just as you'd expect. Then, in sporadic peaks throughout the day, they head towards each other and that's when the magic happens.

We did corridor races to start off our day because, why not?

Explaining the rules ever so patiently.

Pure joy.

Tom-foolery and flexibility before 9am. Thea is losing her chunk and I canNOT deal with it. ALL THE SAD FACES :(

Let me record here and now that this is three and she's never not got a stuffed animal down her top.

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my girls reading together. And nothing will bring me even more joy than when we read something other than Paw Patrol. Also, Eden was born with these highlights and a true story is the midwife said, 'I pay £45 for highlights like that!' within 2 minutes of her birth.

Fresh. Air. (Very, very fresh)

'E-E, hand!' and cue huge smile when her sister obliges.

A little behind, right before we had to sling it.

Sweet friends and their sweet babes.

Spotting tracks and footprints in an otherwise desolate piece of woodland.

Monsters Inc. for the win to warm up and a sleeping Thea nearly halfway off the sofa.

Super tiring being carried all the way around the wood...

I mean, if my heart could get any bigger it would.

She said her friend at school had taught her a 'trick' - pull your hair apart in two strands so your bobble doesn't fall out... Of course, I've been telling her that for the past year, but all advice is gospel when from a friend and I'm just learning that's the way it'll be for probably the next fifteen years?

When you realise it's time for soft play.

Another day, another soft play. This time it was Little Monkeys at Darwin Forest. And the wind machines just edge it ahead of the competition for me.

Tell me a worse feeling in the world than when your child waves at another child and the other child doesn't wave back...I'll wait.

Can barely catch the older two these days - they are rapid and outrun me every damn time.

This was a very brave thing that she did.

A Marilyn moment.

One funny thing that happened this week: the kids were busy in the living room and I said I was just popping upstairs to get my camera. Eden said, 'Yep, because it's camera day today!' So there we go - week 2 of my project and the kid already gets it.

Until the next camera day.

Rachel x


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